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Dunand Handcrafted Antique Brass Pendant Light

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The Dunand is another of our statement pieces. The pendant is handcrafted from  metal and an antique brass finish applied by hand.

The Pendant has a diameter of 61cm.

Hand-finished antique brass finish.

lacquered to preserve the finish.

Everything used to manufacture these lights is of much higher quality compared to cheap, factory made, mass produced lighting available at huge markups.

The metal used is recycled metal & much thicker and of the highest quality.

It pains us to see paper thin metal used in lighting that will deform with heat, corrode and will probably end up in landfill in a few years. The coating applied on cheaper products is so thin that the products start to deteriorate the moment you take them out of the plastic wrapping.

Lamp holders, electrical wiring and other parts used comply to EU, US and Australian standards.

The product is not just about it's quality and beauty but at it's core are the concepts of recycling, quality and artisanship.

Pre-Orders :

Due to high demand a lot of our customers have not been able to get these. We have decided to open Pre-Orders for these and they will be shipped in Mid of November, 2019.

Please note that if you cannot wait that long do not place a pre-order. Due to the handmade processes involved we cannot speed up the manufacturing process.\