Barrington Solid Brass & Blown glass Table Lamp

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With more than just a nod to its 1920’s art deco heritage, the Barrington is a statement Blown glass and solid Brass Desk Lamp that has been given a modern twist.

With old time charm, this gorgeous Brass Lamp will easily add a touch of class to any space. 

The head & bottom of the lamp is a design, reminiscent of the stylish art deco period.

A classic design with modern features, the result is a lamp that is a perfect blend of old and new!

Handcrafted by artisans. The wall & table lamps are entirely made from recycled brass and glass.

Only 100 available in this pre-order. Estimated delivery by Mid September, 2020.
The Barrington - Solid Brass & Blown Glass Handcrafted Lighting.
Heirloom grade quality lighting. No corners cut. Best in class.
Being in the lighting industry we have seen tens of thousands of light fixtures being sold, many break down due to the cheap quality and many are discarded over time and end up in landfill. 
In our mind it was time to bring a change, however small it may be. Every drop counts.
We decided to make lighting with recycled materials and with the quality and design to last and weather passing trends. Make stuff the way it used to be made. To last....
The Materials :
  • Brass : As a preferred metallic finish, brass is able to hold its own with  the strong colours emerging in modern interior schemes. Brass can give rich warmth to an interior.
  • Blown Glass : Blown glass has a very pleasing effect on light. When projected through hand-blown glass the effect creates a wonderful warm ambiance.
The Barrington range will not be manufactured in large factories but in small artisan workshops. Some of these artisans come from families that have worked over several generations honing and passing on their skills in the same trade.
All parts of the luminaire will be handmade ( Except Electrical wiring & parts), hand turned on lathes in thick brass rather than machine stamped in thin sheets of metal.
The glass will be mouth blown with recycled melted glass. We will use moulds in this process as the glass needs to perfectly fit the metal components.


Dimensions :

20 x 20 x 50CM

Globe : E27 ( Not included )

Only 100 available in this pre-order. Estimated delivery by Mid September, 2020.

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