Chest Of Drawers

Are you looking for furniture that is a little bit special?

Have a look at our collection of Artisan made chests.

We bring together craftsmen and artists like inlay craftsmen, metal smiths, woodworkers, leather artisans and more to create these beautiful statement pieces.

Our products is are not just about their quality and beauty but at their core are the concepts of recycling, quality and artisanship.

Whilst we offer stunning statement pieces that are ready to ship, we can also offer a bespoke custom order service if you’re in need of a different colour or size of an item currently in our shop or you’re looking for something more specific, please contact us to discuss. We’ll work with you to create the perfect piece for your space.

The bone is sustainably sourced Camel bone. Similarly, other materials such as mother of pearl, leather, reclaimed wood are also sourced from sustainable and accredited sources.